Tablet App Management Using Play Store

App management does not only include organizing, sorting, and removing apps, but also reviewing them and keeping them updated. The Play Store itself is perfect to use in managing app for Android tablets. It’s not only used to buy or download applications, but also used for app management. Here are three things to do in managing tablet applications:

Review and update apps

Managing apps will always start with reviewing all the applications installed and downloaded into the tablet. Open Play Store and hit the “My Apps” icon that is found at the top of the screen. There are two categories shown on the screen: the “Installed” and “All”. “Installed” tab includes all the installed applications into the tablet, while “All” shows all the applications present into the device, including installed and downloaded app. Choose from the two categories and start to manage apps. Under the “Installed” tab, it will show the applications that need updates, manual and automatic. Apps will be separated depending on what type of update should be done. Hit the “Update” icon to start updating these outdated applications. On the other hand, “All” tab will show the applications installed into the device and other downloaded application that can be installed in the tablet. Simply touch the “Purchase” or “Free” icon to automatically buy, download and install the app.

Share apps

Shared apps, especially the latest ones, are good ways to manage some old style applications. Simply choose, search and try new app that may look interesting and useful for a better tablet experience. Touch the “Share” icon, choose a sharing method (Facebook, twitter, Gmail, etc.), and link it to friends. New tablet features and functions are the frequent subjects of app sharing. The newest SMS function of tablets is one good example. Such function exposes users on how to text from tablet to phone. It allows Android tablets to function like a real mobile phone. To enjoy this new SMS feature, install Tablet Talk both into the tablet and Android phone. Tablet Talk is a comprehensive tablet SMS app for Android that allows users to send and receive text messages through tablets using the same Android phone number. It simply works by linking the tablet to the Android phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Remove apps

Removing unwanted applications is the easiest thing in app management. There will always be apps that doesn’t work or are just simply annoying. To remove such apps, launch the Play Store, go to “My Apps” tab and click the specific app to be removed. Hit the “Uninstall” button and click “OK” to confirm.

Every tablet user is in need of an app management tool to organize all the applications installed and downloaded into their tablets. Managing app will give an easy access for users to find the certain app they need without spending so much time.